Kingsrose Norway




Kingsrose strives to ensure that the appropriate level of environmental care is achieved within the Project area and is committed to conducting all operations in an environmentally sustainable manner.

We adhere to the guiding principles of Towards Sustainable Mining and Exploration standards and IFCs performance standards1. Our approach is designed to account for the Mitigation hierarchy guidelines, established through the IFC Performance standard 6. According to Mitigation guidelines, priority is given to measures that firstly prevent any potential adverse impacts our operations may have on both the environment and the community. If such impacts cannot be prevented, they have to be minimized. In situations where impacts cannot be avoided, measures will be taken to rehabilitate the impacted areas. Additionally, further conservation measures will be designed so that any residual impacts will be offset or counterbalanced.

To date, there has been minimal environmental impact largely due to the application of high standards and the entrenched environmental awareness within the company.

1 International Finance Corporation (IFC) is a member of the World Bank Group and the largest global development institution focused on the private sector in developing countries. IFC’s Environmental and Social Performance Standards define organizations’ responsibilities for managing their environmental and social risks and have been adopted globally also in developed countries as a benchmark for sustainable and responsible operations.

Community engagement

Across all our activities we recognise the need to be socially responsible. Kingsrose values its local communities and always works to ensure the best possible outcome for the societies in which we work.​
The Group is committed to building a lasting, mutually rewarding relationship with the surrounding communities.

The approach adopted is that of consultation and co-operation to ensure our goals are aligned with the needs of the community. This approach has proven to be extremely beneficial, resulting in a number of social and environmental initiatives that have been developed in co-operation with the local communities. ​
We welcome any questions and feedback regarding our operations in your area and want to encourage open dialogue to address any potential concerns.

We also welcome ideas for developing social or environmental initiatives in Porsanger area and the communities around it.

How could the Porsanger project contribute to local communities and global decarbonisation?

A green energy transition is fundamental to a low carbon future and helping to limit climate change.
The production of materials required for these new technologies is an opportunity to distribute employment, education and positive contributions to communities and environments outside of major cities. We aim to ensure our projects meet the requirements of that future with the highest standards in responsible and sustainable operations.

We are assessing whether Porsanger, has the potential to become a high tech, underground, low surface impact mine delivering critical metals including copper, nickel, palladium and platinum, responsibly and within Europe.

We look forward to cooperating with local stakeholders to operate safely, and with social and environmental responsibility.

Nature Conservation Areas

A significant portion of the Penikat project area lies within the Natura 2000 site Martimoaapa – Lumiaapa – Penikat (ID: Fl1301602). The same area is also designated as a mire protection area Martimoaavan – Lumiaavan – Penikoiden soidensuojelualue (SSA120117).

Kingsrose must consider how to operate in these areas without damaging the important protected values. We will begin by engaging specialists to survey in detail the areas Kingsrose would like to work in, to identify important habitats and species. Following this survey, Kingsrose will prepare a work program to explore for minerals below the surface in a way that does not negatively impact the environment, local habitats, or the local community’s enjoyment and use of the area. These surveys, called a Natura Assessment, will be submitted to ELY and the Ministry of Environment for their review and approval before Kingsrose can begin any significant work on the ground at Penikat.

The process for Kingsrose to be granted the rights to explore for minerals at Penikat will take many months or even years. For Kingsrose close communication and cooperation with local communities and interested parties is of the highest importance.